Prof. Dr. Jovana Čikić, from the Department of Sociology, is the winner of the “Vojin Milić” Award for the best sociological book in 2021 for the study Rural Women and the Economic (Re)production of Rurality. The book was published by the Faculty of Philosophy in 2021.

Out of 17 monographs and higher education textbooks, the committee composed of Dr. Dragana Zaharijevski, Dr. Nada Novaković, and Dr. Žolt Lazar awarded the prize to Professor Čikić’s book.

The explanation states: “The author deals with current and significant problems that burden the biological, economic, and social reproduction of rural areas in contemporary Serbian society; the subject of research is the life of rural women in the conditions of an ‘only partially transformed rural gender regime’, which additionally burdens their roles in rural households, especially in the domain of economic reproduction. Empirical research on a sample of over 500 female respondents builds on domestic research of villages and peasants, but the author makes a significant step forward in the analysis of the current rural gender regime that burdens the position of rural women because there is an obvious discrepancy between her role in the rural economy and the masculine pattern of decision-making on farms. Jovana Čikić singles out and analyzes the reasons for the underdevelopment of female entrepreneurship in the countryside, which makes her study particularly scientific and socially significant.”

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