dr Srđan Šljukić

Srđan Šljukić (1964) is a doctor of sociological sciences and a full professor. He has been employed at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad since 1998. He participated in several scientific research projects as a manager and as a member of the project team. He deals with sociological research in the field of Sociology of Villages and Sociology of Conflict. The most important monographs: A peasant and a cooperative in the plain (2009), Novi Sad: Mediterran Publishing. Myth as destiny (2012), Sremski Karlovci: Kairos. Earth and People (2012, co-authored with Marica Šljukić), Novi Sad: Mediteran Publishing. A village in the sociological mirror (2015, co-authored with Dejan Janković), Novi Sad: Mediterran Publishing. He was awarded the award of the Serbian Sociological Society “Vojin Milić” for the best sociological book in Serbia in 2015.

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