About Us

The Center is a scientific research and professional unit of the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad which:

  1. Conducts empirical and other research in sociology and
    related social sciences.
  2. Develops the methodological and statistical techniques and tools in the field of sociological research.
  3. Performs training for independent research work (in particular for the students
    at ili of the final year of bachelor studies, as well as graduate students – master and doctoral studies in sociology and other related disciplines).
  4. Organizes trainings and workshops in sociology, methodology and statistics for high school teachers, members of academic community and wider public.
  5. Organizes domestic and international cooperation with relevant institutions in
    fields of empirical research in sociology and other relevant disciplines.
  6. Performs other tasks including tasks entrusted by the Department of Sociology,
    Faculty of Philosophy or University of Novi Sad.

The coordinator of the CSI is Assistant Professor dr Aleksandar Tomašević.

Our Team

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